Sandra Orsulic: 1992-1996 (Biology)

Current position

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UCLA


Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Research Scientist III, Women’s Cancer Program, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Assistant and Associate Professor of Pathology, MGH Cancer Center/Harvard Med School

Postdoctoral fellow

with Dr. Harold Varmus, Former director of NIH/Now head of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Recipient: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship (one of only 11 awarded that year)

Publications from Peifer lab
  • Cox, R.T., Pai, L.-M., Miller, J.R., Orsulic, S., Stein, J., McCormick, C.A., Audeh, Y., Wang, W., Moon, R.T., and Peifer, M. (1999). Membrane-tethered Drosophila Armadillo cannot transduce Wingless signal on its own. Development 126, 1327-1335.
  • Pai, L.-M., Orsulic, S., Bejsovec, A. and Peifer, M. (1997). Negative regulation of Armadillo, a Wingless effector in Drosophila . Development 124, 2255-2266.
  • Orsulic, S., and Peifer, M. (1996). Wingless lands at last. Current Biology 6, 1363-1367.
  • Orsulic, S., and Peifer, M. (1996). An in vivo structure-function study of Armadillo, the ß-catenin homolog, reveals both separate and overlapping regions of the protein required for cell adhesion and for Wingless signaling. J. Cell Biol. 134, 1283-1301.
  • Orsulic, S., and Peifer, M. (1994). A method to stain nuclei of Drosophila for confocal microscopy. Biotechniques 16, 441-447.
  • Peifer, M., Orsulic, S., Pai, L.-M., and Loureiro, J. (1993). A model system for cell adhesion and signal transduction in Drosophila (Review). 1993 Development Suppl. 163-176.
  • Peifer, M., Orsulic, S., Sweeton, D., and Wieschaus, E. (1993). A role for the Drosophila segment polarity gene armadillo in cell adhesion and cytoskeletal integrity during oogenesis. Development 118, 1191-1207.

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