Rob Cavallo: 1995-2000 (Genetics & Molecular Biology)

Current position

National Director- Rheumatology MSL, Sanofi.


Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellowship



Publications from Peifer lab
  • Myster, S.H., Wang, F., Cavallo, R., Christian, W., Bhotika, S., Anderson, C.T., and Peifer, M. (2004). Genetic and bioinformatic analysis of 41C and the 2R heterochromatin of Drosophila melanogaster: A window on the heterochromatin-euchromatin junction. Genetics¬†166:807-22.
  • Myster, S.H., Cavallo, R., Anderson, C.T., Fox, D.T., and Peifer, M. (2003) Drosophila p120catenin plays an important supporting role in cell adhesion but is not an essential adherens junction component. Journal of Cell Biology 160, 433-449.
  • Lu, Q., Paredes, M., Medina, M., Zhou, J., Cavallo, R. , Peifer, M., Orecchio, L. and Kosik, K.S. (1999). Delta-catenin, an adhesive junction-associated protein which promotes cell scattering. J. Cell Biol. 144: 519-532.
  • Cavallo, R.A., Cox, R.T., Moline, M.M., Roose, J., Polevoy, G.A., Clevers, H., Peifer, M., and Bejsovec, A. (1998). Drosophila TCF and Groucho interact to repress Wingless signaling activity. Nature 395: 604-608.
  • Cavallo, R., Rubenstein, D., and Peifer, M. (1997). Armadillo and dTCF: A marriage made in the nucleus. Curr. Opin. Genet. Devel. 7: 459-466.
  • van de Wetering, M., Cavallo, R. (co-first author) , Dooijes, D., van Beest, M., van Es, J., Loureiro, J., Ypma, A., Hursh, D., Jones, T., Bejsovec, A., Peifer, M., Mortin, M., and Clevers, H. (1997). Armadillo co-activates transcription driven by the product of the Drosophila segment polarity gene dTCF. Cell 88: 789-799.

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