Li-Mei Pai: 1992-1997 (Biology)

Current position

Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chang-Gung University, TAIWAN

Postdoctoral fellow

with Dr. Trudi Schupbach, HHMI and Princeton University. 1997-2000



Publications from Peifer lab
  • Cox, R.T., Pai, L.-M., Kirkpatrick, C., Stein, J., and Peifer, M. (1999). Roles of the C-terminus of Armadillo in Wingless signaling in Drosophila. Genetics 153: 319-332.
  • Cox, R.T., Pai, L.-M.(co-first author), Miller, J.R., Orsulic, S., Stein, J., McCormick, C.A., Audeh, Y., Wang, W., Moon, R.T., and Peifer, M. (1999). Membrane-tethered Drosophila Armadillo cannot transduce Wingless signal on its own. Development 126: 1327-1335.
  • Pai, L.-M., Orsulic, S., Bejsovec, A. and Peifer, M. (1997). Negative regulation of Armadillo, a Wingless effector in Drosophila . Development 124: 2255-2266.
  • Pai, L.-M., Kirkpatrick, C., Blanton, J., Oda, H., Takeichi, M., and Peifer, M. (1996). -catenin and DE-cadherin occupy distinct binding sites on Drosophila Armadillo that differ substantially in size. J. Biol. Chem. 271: 32411-32420.
  • Peifer, M., Pai, L.-M., and Casey, M. (1994). Phosphorylation of the Drosophila adhesive junction protein Armadillo: roles for Wingless signal and Zeste white-3 kinase. Dev. Biol. 166: 543-556.
  • Peifer, M., Orsulic, S., Pai, L.-M., and Loureiro, J. (1993). A model system for cell adhesion and signal transduction in Drosophila (Review). 1993 Development Suppl. 163-176.

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