Full List of Peifer Lab Undergraduate and PostBac Research Students


Jenna Norton (postbac, 2022-present)

Erika Munguia (2023-present)

Taino Encarnacion (2023-present)

Yufei Xiao (postbac 2023-present)

Leah Wolfsberg (postbac 2023-present)



Michael Casey 1999 (MD, UNC-Chapel Hill) Wake Nephrology Associates, PA, Raleigh NC

Kathy Smith 1992-1995 (Ph.D., Cell & Developmental Biology, Univ. of Virginia 2002, Doug DeSimone; postdoc Judy White) Principal Scientist, Arbovax

Melanie Nichols Kiser 1993-1995 Laboratory Technician IV at Wake Forest Baptist Health

Tina Singh (MD, ECU 1997) Assistant Professor of Opthamology, Duke University

Jessie McCary Gaeta (MD, Univ. of Maryland) Chief Medical Officer,Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Boston University

Sanjay Pattani (MD, St. Georges University; Residency LSU) Associate Chief Medical Officer, AdventHealth Orlando

Denise Kearney (MD, UT Southwestern School of Medicine) Northampton Integrative Medicine, MA

Nancy McGreal (MD, Univ. of Maryland; Residency in Med-Peds, UCSD;Gastroenerology Fellow, Univ. of Chicago) Assoc. Professor, Depts. of Medicine and Pediatrics, Duke University Med School.

Jason Blanton (Ph.D., Princeton, 2002) Navy Entomology Center of Excellence (NECE)

Nam Vo (MD, UNC-CH, 2001; Residency in Internal Medicine, UNC-CH) Mountain Kidney & Hypertension Asheville, NC

Tiernan Mennen (Peace Corps, Guatemala; J.D.. Cornell; Senior Project Manager, Open Society Justice Initiative) Director, Democracy and Governance Section, Tetra Tech, and Founder and CEO, Haki Legal Empowerment Network

Clare Duffy (M.S., Molecular Biology,Univ. of Colorado-Boulder; M.A.Sports Administration, UNC) Business Office, UNC Athletics Department

Joel Stein 1995-1998 (M.D./Ph.D., Penn;Fellowship in Radiology, MGH, Boston; NeuroRadiology Fellow, U Penn) Assistant Professor of Radiology, U Penn.

Mary Teachey (MS, Physiological Sciences, Univ. of Arizona, 2001; Research Specialist, Dept. of Physiology, Univ. of Arizona) Personal Trainer, Tucson  J (Jewish Community Center)

Cozumel Southern Pruette 1997-8 (MD, Southern Illinois University 2005; Residency and fellowship, Johns Hopkins) Asst. Professor, Pediatric Nephrology Johns Hopkins

Annette Baas (Ph.D., University of Utrecht 2004) Clinical Geneticist and Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Genetics, University Medical Center Utrecht

Yara Audeh Park (MD, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham 2004) Associate Professor, Pathology, UNC-Chapel Hill, DIRECTOR, RESIDENCY TRAINING PROGRAM

David Roberts (Ph.D., UNC-CH 2004;Post-doc, UNC-CH) Associate Professor, Biology, Franklin and Marshall College

Kendra Zeiter (B.S. Chemistry, Ohio Northern University, 1998)

Andrew Baltus (Ph.D. MIT; Postdoc, Walsh Lab, Harvard Medical School)  Chief Operating Officer, Addgene.

Chanda Bell-Lamarque (MD, UNC-CH 2004; Residency. Anesthesiology, University of Maryland ).  Anesthesiologist, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

Kody Jones (MS, University of Hawaii; JD Franklin Pierce Law Center) Head of Intellectual Property at Invaio Sciences

Karen Imgrund Deak (Ph. D. University of Chicago 2008;Science Advisor and Patent Agent, Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal LLP) VP Americas and Global Product, qibri

Seema Bhotika (M.D, Wake Forest School of Medicine, 2004) Acute Care Kernodle Clinic, Burlington NC

Jennifer Rayner (B.S., NCCU; Ph.D. in Environ. Sciences & Engineering, UNC-CH. 2006) Toxicologist, SRC Inc.

Christina Tuskey Lockwood (Ph.D. Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison 2007) Associate Professor in Laboratory Medicine and Director of the Genetics and Solid Tumor Diagnostics Laboratory at the University of Washington

Gwynn Dillard Morris 1997-2000 (Ph. D. in Developmental Psychology, NCSU 2007;Postdoc NCSU) Professor of Psychology, Meredith College

Kim Maners (B.S., UNC-CH)

Harold Davis III (B.S., Winthrop University, 2003) Weatherization Assistant Manager at North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Kea Parker (M.D., Univ. of Miami; Resident Family Medicine, University of New Mexico) Instructor of Family Medicine and Physician, Family Medicine, OHSU.

Charles Anderson 1998-2001 (Ph.D. at Stanford; Postdoctoral Fellow, Energy Biosciences Institute, UC Berkeley).  Associate Professor, Penn State University.

Emily Crafton Moorfield (MS, Biotechnology, Johns Hopkins, 2005; Ph.D.  Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Wake Forest University 2012; SPIRE postdoctoral fellow with Kay Lund UNC). Assistant Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Meredith Price 1999-2002 (MS,  University of Oregon).  Life Science Software Business Manager at Andor Technology

Mark Dodson  (MD/Ph.D, UCLA, 2009/2011) Asst Professor,  Internal Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, INTERMOUNTAIN HEALTHCARE SERVICES

Laura Koontz 2001-2004 (Ph.D. , Johns Hopkins, 2011; Science Policy Fellow with the American Society for Human Genetics, working with US Rep. Louise Slaughter; Director of Policy, Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, FDA)  Currently Senior Director, Public Policy, Foundation Medicine

Gene Bain 2001-2004 (M.D., UNC-CH; Residency in Dermatology, SUNY-Buffalo; Mohs micrographic surgery fellow, NYU) Bain Dermatology, Raleigh NC

Carrie Tapley 2004-2005 (B.S., UNC-CH)

Jamie Mahaffey 2002-2006 (Ph.D., 2013, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; Postdoc, Mark Philips Lab, NYU) Vice President at Emerald Foundation, Inc.

Erin Jezuit(Postbac/Res. Tech 2004-2005) M.S, University of Washington (2009); currently PhD student, University of Oregon

Melissa Burt 2006 (completed degree at UNC-CH)


Rachel Hauser 2003-2007 (Teach for America, 2007-2008) Medical School, Univ. of Maryland

Daniel Willner (2006-2007)  (MPH, UNC, 2001.  MD, UNC-CH 2013; Resident, Beth Israel Deaconess).  Asst. Professor, Emergency Medicine, UNC-CH

Daniel Schneider 2006-2007 (MD,UNC-CH 2011; Resident, Mayo Clinic) Urologist, Quincy Medical Group.

Lindsay Foley 2006-2007 (MD, UNC-CH; Resident, Medical University of SC)  Physician, Mt. Pleasant OB/GYN

Doug Meardon 2006-2008. (Research Technician, UNC-CH; MD George Washington University 2013)  Family Medicine Physician, Atrium Health Biddle Point, a facility of Carolinas Medical Center

Kevin Straughn 2008 (BS, UNC-CH; PharmD UNC-CH 2019) Clinical Pharmacist at Duke Regional Hospital

Hannah Yin Colletti 2007-2009 . (MD, MPH, UNC School of Medicine and Public Health, 2013/2014).  Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, Associate Director of Pediatric Medical Student Education, UNC-CH.

Jon Waldmann 2009-2010 (MD,University of Michigan, 2017)  Family Medicine Resident, UNC-CH.  Physician Salud Brighton clinic, CO

Ranjan Banerjee 2008-2010  (MD, UNC-CH) Med-peds Resident, USC School of Medicine.  Cardiovascular Medicine Fellow, UK

Mira Pronobis 2008-2010 (Diplome Thesis, University of Karlsruhe; Ph. D. Genetics and Molecular Biology, UNC-CH, 2016; Postdoc, Poss lab, Duke University) Asst. Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Denver

Colby Allred 2008-2010 (B.S., UNC-CH, 2010. Research Technician, Ron Falk lab, UNC-CH).  Currently Medical Student at UNC-CH

Jess Little (2009-2010, 2012). MD, University of Virginia, 2017.  Transplant Infectious Disease Physician, Mass General Hospital.

Andrea Brady (2009). B.S., UNC-CH, 2012.  J.D. University of Virginia School of Law, 2016.   Attorney at Crowley Fleck, Helena MT

Sheryl Payne (2010). PharmD, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy (2015)  MICU Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

Rodrigo Guillen (2010-2011). (B.S., UNC-CH 2010. Post-Baccalaureate Program, NIH).  Ph.D.,  Vanderbilt.  Postdoctoral Fellow, Bowser lab, UNC-CH.  Currently Research Scientist, StrideBio Inc.

Yuanyuan Wei (Summer 2011) PhD in Biophysics and Biochmeistry, National University of Singapore. Currently Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Duke-NUS Medical School

Elise Stephenson Scott (2009-2011) MD, UNC-CH 2017.  Resident in Psychiatry at Vanderbilt. Currently Psychiatrist, University Counseling Center

Frank Mu (2010-2012) MD, Wake Forest University.  Emergency Medicine Resident, Wake Forest SOM

Malia Cali (2011-2012)  MD, LSU. Physical Medicine/Rehab Resident, University of Colorado

Devin Gibbs (Summer 2013) MD, UNC-CH 2017.  Residency in Psychiatry University of Maryland.  Psychiatrist, Cambridge Hospital MA

Natalie McKeon (2011-2013) Georgetown Special Masters Program in Physiology.  Currently Lab Technician, UNC Medical School

Gabe Abud (Summer 2013, from Wooster College)  Software Engineer, Facebook

Kunal Patel (2012-2013)  BS, UNC-CH 2015.  MD UNC-CH 2019.  Internal Medicine resident at NYU School of Medicine

Rachel Moser (2013-2014) Research Technician, Hirsch Lab, UNC Gene Therapy Center

Zach Blom (2012-2014; MD East Carolina University 2018)  Family Medicine Resident, Univ. of Virginia.

Vlad Yefremov (2014)  Completing degree at UNC.

Natalie Deuitch (2013-2015)  Postbac, Kastner Lab, NIH.  MS Genetic Counseling,Stanford. Currently:  Genetic Counselor, National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

Xenia Lim (Summer 2015 from Singapore) PhD student, Osaka University School of Frontier Biosciences), Prof Toshie Kai’s lab

Lauren Bauer (2014-2016) MD WV University 2022.   OB-GYN Resident, Marshall University School of Medicine

John Cuningham (2012-2016) BS, UNC-CH 2015.  MD UNC-CH.  Physician, Watauga Medical Center Inpatient

Xinyi Wang (Summer 2016 from Singapore) PhD student, Duke University

Vinya Posham (2015-2016) Business Operations Associate at BGB Group

Cherrel Manley (2016-2017) M.S.P.H., UNC-CH; iCURE Scholar, NCI Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG); PhD student in Epidemiology, UNC-CH

Elizabeth Metzger (Postbac/Lab Manager 2016-2017) East Coast Site Lead/Scientific Research Associate at The Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Alison Bonner (2015-2018) MD UNC-CH, 2023.  Emergency Medicine Resident, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Emma Thornton- Kolbe  (Postbac/Res Tech 2017-2019) PhD Student, University of Michigan

Halle Ronk (2016-2018)  NIH Medical Research Scholar and MD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 2023 . Neurosurgery Resident, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Melissa Greene (2017-2019) Master of Biomedical Sciences, Duke University.  Medical Student at Duke.

Madeline Lillich (2018-2019)  Masters in Physiology, NC State University.  Medical Student at UNC-CH

Peter Compton (2019-2020) BS, UNC-CH; ABQ Young Adult Volunteer

Nicole Gadda (Postbac 2019-2020)  PhD student, UNC-Chapel Hill

Kristi Dixon Yow (Postbac 2019-2021)  Lab Technician, Peifer lab, UNC-Chapel Hill; Currently lab tech, EnviroFlight

Zuhayr Alam (Postbac 2020-2021)  MS, University of Minnesota. Advanced Research Associate at Bio-Techne.

Janna Campbell (NCCU/UNC SURE 2021) BS Biomedical Sciences NCCU 2023.  Piedmont Healthcare, Inc.

Rachel Szymanski (Postbac 2020-2022) PhD Student, UNC-Chapel Hill

Amber Butcher (Postbac 2020-2022) PhD Student, Columbia University

Estella Calcaterra (DTCC/UNC, UNC SURE 2021) Completing degree at UNC

Noah Gurley (2019-2021; postbac 2023)  PhD student, Scripps Florida

Emily McParland (postbac, 2022-2023)  PhD Student at Brown University

Rebecca Korankye (Summer 2023)

Bismark Acheampong (Summer 2023)



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