Don Fox: 2001-2006 (Biology)

Current position 

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Duke University

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Alan Spradling, Carnegie Institution, Baltimore MD
Awarded: Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellowship


Publications from Peifer lab
  • Fox, D.T., and Peifer, M. (2007). Abelson kinase and RhoGEF2 regulate actin organization during cell constriction in Drosophila. Development 134, 567-578.
  • Stevens, T L., Rogers, E M., Koontz, L. M. , Fox, D. T., Homem, C. C.F., Nowotarski, S. H., Artabazon, N. B., and Peifer, M. (2008). Using Bcr-Abl to examine mechanisms by which Abl kinase regulates morphogenesis in Drosophila. Molecular Biology of the Cell 19, 378-393.
  • Fox, D.T.,and Peifer, M. (2007). Cell adhesion: Separation of p120’s powers? Current Biology 17, R24-R27.
  • Fox, D.T., Homem, C.C.F., Myster, S.H., Wang, F., Bain, E.E., and Peifer, M. (2005). Rho1 Regulates Drosophila Adherens Junctions Independently of p120ctn. Development 132, 4819-4831.
  • Grevengoed E.E., Fox D.T., Gates J., Peifer, M. (2003). Balancing different types of actin polymerization at distinct sites: Roles for Abelson kinase and Enabled. Journal of Cell Biology, 163, 1267-1280.
  • Myster, S.H.,, Cavallo, R., Anderson, C.T., Fox, D.T., and Peifer, M. (2003). Drosophila p120catenin plays a supporting role in cell adhesion but is not an essential adherens junction component. Journal of Cell Biology160 433-449.

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