Joe Loureiro: 1993-1998 (Biology)

Current position

Senior Investigator I, Computational Biology Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

Postdoctoral fellow

with Dr. Frank Gertler, MIT
Awarded: NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship


Publications from Peifer lab
  • Grevengoed, E.E., Loureiro, J., Jesse T., and Peifer, M. (2001) Abelson kinase regulates epithelial morphogenesis in Drosophila. Journal of Cell Biology 155:1185-1197
  • Loureiro, J., Akong, K., Cayirlioglu, P., Baltus, A.E., DiAntonio, A., and Peifer, M. (2001) In vivo tests of Armadillo/ß-catenin’s proposed roles in cell migration and process extension suggest that these roles are tissue specific. Developmental Biology 235: 33-44.
  • Cox, R.T., McEwen, D.G., Myster, D.G., Duronio, R.J., Loureiro, J., and Peifer, M. (2000). A screen for mutations that suppress the phenotype of Drosophila armadillo, the b -catenin homolog. Genetics 155: 1725-1740.
  • Loureiro, J. (1999). Wnt signaling: A quick guide. Current Biology 9: R4.
  • Loureiro, J., and Peifer, M. (1998). The roles of Armadillo, a Drosophila catenin, during central nervous system development. Current Biology 8: 622-632.
  • van de Wetering, M., Cavallo, R., Dooijes, D., van Beest, M., van Es, J., Loureiro, J., Ypma, A., Hursh, D., Jones, T., Bejsovec, A., Peifer, M., Mortin, M., and Clevers, H. (1997). Armadillo co-activates transcription driven by the product of the Drosophila segment polarity gene dTCF. Cell 88: 789-799.
  • Peifer, M., Orsulic, S., Pai, L.-M., and Loureiro, J. (1993). A model system for cell adhesion and signal transduction in Drosophila (Review). 1993 Development Suppl. 163-176.

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