Catarina Homem: 2004-2009 (Gulbenkian PhD Programme in Biomedicine, Portugal)

Current position:  Principal Investigator, CEDOC, Lisbon Portugal

Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Jürgen Knoblich, IMBA, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Publications from Peifer lab
  • Homem, C.C.F., and Peifer, M. (2009). Exploring the roles of Diaphanous and Enabled activity in shaping the balance between filopodia and lamellipodia. Molecular Biology of the Cell 20:5138-55.
  • Gates, J., ,Nowotarski,S.H., Yin, H., Mahaffey, J.P., Bridges, T., Herrera,C., Homem,C.C.F., Janody, F., Montell, D.J.and Peifer,M. (2009) Enabled and Capping protein play important roles in shaping cell behavior during Drosophila oogenesis. Developmental Biology 333. 90-107.
  • Homem, C.C.F., and Peifer, M. (2008) Diaphanous regulates myosin and adherens junctions to control
  • cell contractility and protrusive behavior during morphogenesis. Development 135, 1005-1018.
  • Stevens, T L., Rogers, E M., Koontz, L. M. , Fox, D. T., Homem, C. C.F., Nowotarski, S. H., Artabazon, N. B., and Peifer, M. (2007). Using Bcr-Abl to examine mechanisms by which Abl kinase regulates morphogenesis in Drosophila. Molecular Biology of the Cell 19, 378-393.
  • Fox, D.T., Homem, C.C.F., Myster, S.H., Wang, F., Bain, E.E., and Peifer, M. (2005). Rho1 Regulates Drosophi

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