Kristi Dixon Yow



Background & Contact Information


Research Technician/Lab Manager (2019 – Present)
Education: BS Biology UNC-CH






ImageJ=1.51g unit=micron

cno∆CRISPR mutant


Research Information

Working with Kia Perez-Vale to determine the mechanisms by which Canoe regulates morphogenesis and define how it in turn is regulated by Rap1 and its GEFs.


Perez-Vale, KZ., Yow, K,D., Johnson, R, I,. Byrnes, A.E., Finegan, T.M., Slep, K.C., and Peifer, M. (2021) Multivalent interactions make adherens junction-cytoskeletal linkage robust during morphogenesis. Journal of Cell Biology, in press.

Michelle E. St. John. Kristi E. Dixon. Christopher H. Martin   (2020) Oral shelling within an adaptive radiation of pupfishes: Testing the adaptive function of a novel nasal protrusion and behavioural preference.  Journal of Fish Biology


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