Kristi Schaefer

Background & Contact Information

Position Graduate Student (2013 – Present)
Education: BS, Biology, Butler University 2008; Lab Tech IU School of Medicine-Dept. of Medical and Molecular Genetics 2009-2012

Fellowships & Awards: NIH Training Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology

NSF Graduate Fellowship (2014-2016)



Research Information

According to the American Cancer Society, there will be 102,000 new cases of colon cancer this year.  The tumor suppressor APC is the initiating mutation in 80% of all colon cancers.  APC, along with Axin (a scaffolding protein) and the kinases CK1 and GSK3, form the destruction complex that regulates levels of β-Catenin (βCat), the key effecter of the Wnt signaling pathway which modulates proliferation and cell cycle.  When Wnt signaling is off, the destruction complex phosphorylates βCat, labeling it to be targeted for destruction by the E3 ligase complex SCF, containing the F-box protein βTrCP.  The mechanism of how the destruction complex transfers βCat to the E3 ligase is largely unknown.  Recently the lab discovered that the scaffolding protein Axin has a conserved βTrCP binding motif and that βTrCP and Axin co-localize in human cells.  I am trying to determine the mechanism and function of βTrCP-Axin interactions.  To tease out this mechanism I am utilizing both mammalian cell culture and Drosophila genetics and cell biology.


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